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Patron saint of sex

Sex photo Patron saint of sex.

Josephine Elizabeth Grey Butler 13 April — 30 December Victorian era British feminist and social reformer who was especially concerned with the welfare of prostitutes. Prostitution is an economic, a social, a political crime, the result of inequality economically, socially and politically. Women, men and children, virtually all of them under coercion, have functioned as prostitutes. However, in a vast majority of cases men have been the users, the purchasers of the Patron saint of sex of prostitutes because of their vastly superior position economically, socially and politically in most of the world, the few exceptions are the Scandinavian countries where there is a greater degree of equality for women with men.

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A letter to The Times in reported on the attempt of "an old man dressed Patron saint of sex the garb of a gentleman" to accost a young girl. He apparently "asked her to go with him to a house in Oxenden-street", and, as the letter writer comments, "you can easily conjecture the object.

Josephine Butler took note of the gender inequality of the acts and recorded the testimony of a young prostitute:. The first Contagious Diseases Act was passed in Britain in and was, to an extent, modelled on the European French system of regulated prostitution.

It operated in an area surrounding 11 army camps and naval ports, and was designed to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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It allowed for the forcible registration and regular internal examination of women suspected of being prostitutes. Those found to be diseased were detained for periods of up to 3 months later extended in a secure lock hospital.

A moral argument, the law was treating women with severity while allowing men to sin with impunity. The Acts persecuted working class women, limiting their freedom of movement if you could afford to travel in a carriage at night you were safe from suspicion.

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The Patron Saint of Prostitutes. But first an excursion into the why Patron saint of sex wherefore of prostitution. Now, venture with me into Josephine Butler's world, Victorian England: Childhood, as we now think of it, was an idea which was emerging slowly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but it was a concept more common amongst the middle and upper classes.

In the lower and labouring classes children were generally considered as a part of the work force and a source of cheap labour.

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Quite aside from this being Patron saint of sex form of exploitation and abuse, such young children were "street wise," knowing a great deal more about life and sex than either their counterparts in the higher classes or today's young children. However, children of any class had no standing.

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They were, like a man's wife, his chattel, and within very wide bounds he had the freedom to do with them as he desired.

She was tall and beautiful, with thick lustrous hair which she wore long, in Patron saint of sex tied with ribbon or secured with a plait.

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She was slim, and always dressed with care, choosing tactile fabrics like lace and damask, set off by dramatic beads and earrings. She played the piano with true skill and sensitivity, and loved animals especially dogs and horses. She came from a comfortable family home in the countryside, and was a devoted daughter and sister. She was happily married to a husband who adored her and they had four children.

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But at the age of 40 Josephine became obsessed with the needs of women who were completely unlike Patron saint of sex.

While living in Liverpool, she began to care for imprisoned and ill prostitutes, even inviting some to live in her own home.

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After the Contagious Diseases Acts were passed, which allowed these women to be sexually assaulted by police surgeons on a regular basis, she went into battle with Parliament, the Patron saint of sex and the judges to change the law.

In their typically sexist way, the legislators enabled police officers to arrest prostitutes ports and army towns, and to isolate the women, if infected, into Lock Hospitals.

Josephine Butler took note of the gender inequality of Patron saint of sex acts and recorded the testimony of a young prostitute: It is menonly menfrom the first to the last that we have to do with! To please a man I did wrong at first, then I was flung about from man to man. Men police lay hands on us.

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By men we are examined, handled, doctored. In the hospital it is a man again who makes prayer and reads the Bible for us.

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We are had up before magistrates who are menPatron saint of sex we never get out of the hands of men till we die! Stripping women of all rights: The passing of the Contagious Diseases Acts, which stripped poor and working-class women of their rights, shocked many respectable middle class women and provoked a major campaign for repeal. The Acts were a legal embodiment of the Patron saint of sex sexual double standard and, according to their critics, sanctioned male lust and forced vulnerable women into a life of state registered prostitution to service it.

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Butler's role in repealing the Act: Josephine Butler and the Ladies National Association argued for repeal of the Acts from several standpoints: The Act was finally repealed in Butler was also instrumental in raising the age of consent: In she was drawn into another related campaign led by the campaigning editor of the Pall Patron saint of sex Gazette, William Thomas Stead. He had published a series of articles entitled The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon exposing the extent of child prostitution in London.

Patron saint of sex a result of this campaign, the age of consent in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was raised from 13 to 16 that same year.

The last word to Ms Butler: God and one woman make a majority. Comments are closed on this story.

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