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Girl says she is dating other guys

xXx Photo Galleries Girl says she is dating other guys.
I guess the title says...

Results 1 to 23 of Would you keep dating a girl who has other dates? So Ive been dating this girl I met at the club. We've been talking for a few days but my friend who is a girl told me she's seeing 3 other guys. She's a dating type of person but loyal when she commits. She's a pretty one Girl says she is dating other guys a good attitude so far and I just hate it when there's other guys in the picture.

What would you guys do? I mean yeah she's single and has the right to date and see who is the best one for her but yeah would you keep dating this type of person? Yea who cares, you're not in a relationship with her she isn't doing anything wrong. Ignore the fact that she is seeing other guys, you will alpha and like you have other options as well. Originally Posted by nipoleoncomplex.

Part of dating is the illusion of exclusivity, so this would get a clear no from me. Originally Posted by SirHollywood. Nothing alpha about letting a girl you are with get fukked by other dudes I'm not going to compete with another dude. I feel that I am a unique and special person with alot to offer, I'm funny, smart, and will legit make a girl grow spiritually, i'm like a shaman srs.

I know that nowadays this isn't the case alot of times, and yea she could be seeing other dudes when your casually dating and you wouldn't know about it.

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Depends if it's before or after sex. If before, then I'm not impressed but if it's only for a couple of dates and she hasn't slept with any other guys, then whatever.

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If we've slept together, then either she stops dating anyone else, or I stop taking her seriously. Originally Posted by rzarate. Nothing wrong with her seeing other men since you guys are not exclusive.

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