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Will my pisces man come back to me

Naked Pictures Will my pisces man come back to me.

Forums Pisces forum Do Pisces men come back? TaurusAngel — September 21, 1: You are on page 1 2 out of 2. Do Pisces men ever change their mind and come back?

Particularly if you had a rocky start because of mainly his problems and issues. He is a pisces sun and also Venus in pisces, mars in pisces and cancer rising. I am taurus sun, taurus moon, gemini Venus, libra rising, mars in Leo. I Will my pisces man come back to me this pisces man online.

Our first date didn't go too well, mainly because he was quite shy and nervous and he made me shy. The next time we met was much better, lovely date, drinks, dinner and I ended up going home with him as I warmed up to him and it felt right. He blew hot and cold with a lot. He never called, most of the time I had to initiate contact by text to which Will my pisces man come back to me would reply quite quickly.

I had to take the lead and suggest things. He was flaky, saying he'd want to Will my pisces man come back to me something and not get round to it. But he was very sweet, gentle and caring when we were together. I felt well looked after and special to him. He asked questions about my leave and was I taking vacations as he may want to come.

He aired his dirty laundry quite early on.

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Told me of his ex who left him a few months ago when they were together 4 years. She wasn't right for him, years older and clinically depressed. He said he doesn't like being single either. He had job problems: He was between jobs when Will my pisces man come back to me met.

He got another job when we were together the new job was bad too. His mood declined badly when he started his new job. I noticed he has very dark moods. He couldn't switch off and leave work behind, he let it affect everything, most of all, us.

I was caring and sympathetic and listened to him and tried to make. We had a lovely date about 3 weeks ago. He'd been having a rough time at work with long hours.

He stayed in touch by text for Will my pisces man come back to me afterwards. Then he vanished for nearly a week. I finally asked what was wrong and he text me back and said work was awful not in the right frame of mind for dating anyone.

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