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Eye make up ideas

Quality porn Eye make up ideas.

Try these smart how-tos for eye shadow, mascara, pencils, and more in a gallery of dazzling makeup looks.

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Four classic mascaras get high marks from readers. It defines your eyes and makes you appear more wide awake.

See how to apply makeup in minutes: Apply Makeup in 5 Minutes. Get the how-tos here: Which new mascaras are the best?

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See the results of a Real Simple Road Test: For full how-tos, click here: Find four neutral shadows that work with almost all skin tones: Foolproof Everyday Eye Shadows.

Get more eye-shadow tips here: Add a great makeup pencil to your beauty arsenal: The Best Makeup Pencils. Which makeup basics should you own? Advertisement 13 of 23 Pin ellipsis More For Deep-Set Eyes Image zoom Paul Sunday Bring out deep-set eyes by applying a light, neutral shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye.

Eye make up ideas

You'll nail your look this...

Line the upper lashes with dark shadow. Watch a demonstration of how to put on eyeliner: Find out how to treat three common eye problems: Find Eye make up ideas perfect shadow shade: Advertisement 16 of 23 Pin ellipsis More For Close-Set Eyes Image zoom Paul Sunday Use a dark shadow on the outermost quarter of the lid and to line the upper Eye make up ideas to make close-set eyes appear farther apart.

What's the proper way to apply eye shadow?

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See the five easy steps: Play with your makeup: Turn a shade you Eye make up ideas use into a shadow you like: Make Over Your Makeup. Get more makeup fundamentals here: Advertisement 19 of 23 Pin ellipsis Eye make up ideas Think Pink Image zoom Amy Neunsinger A sweep of feminine pink shadow over the lids gives you fresh, healthy color. Give the look a little edge by lining the lashes with a dark pencil.

For more on look-good pink makeup, click here: Learn the three easy steps to a smoky-eye look: Creating a Smoky Look with Eyeliner.

Instead, create a chic look with a shimmery taupe cream shadow and two coats of mascara. See the details here: Read the two easy steps to this look: Close View all gallery.

To keep makeup on longer, prep the lids with a concealer or primer before applying shadow. A quick video demonstrates the best way to soothe them: Disguise tired-looking eyes with a liquid light-reflecting concealer that brightens and lifts the under-eye area.

A how-to video shows a quick way to cover up under-eye circles: Conceal Under Eye Circles. When applying mascara, wiggle the wand back and forth at the lash base. No matter what your Eye make up ideas color, black mascara is flattering. For high-impact, lush lashes, supplement your own with falsies.

Spellbinding eye make up ideas pics gallery

Fill in sparse brows with a wax-based pencil that matches your brow hairs. Use short, light strokes. Learn how to fix other eyebrow Eye make up ideas How to Solve 5 Eyebrow Problems.

Best Ideas of Makeup for...

For the most casual daywear, ditch the liner and sweep on taupe eye shadow with a few coats of dark mascara. Make your eyes pop by sweeping on a dark shadow where the brow bone meets the crease. For a simple look, run a slanted brush or Eye make up ideas Q-tip over shadow, then apply in a fine line along the upper lash line.

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Rich brown eyeliners Eye make up ideas complement blue eyes because their warm hues emphasize subtle gold specs in the iris. When using only one eye shadow, layer it more heavily around the lash line, then softly blend it so that it fades naturally at the crease.

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Bring out deep-set eyes by applying a light, neutral shadow under the brow bone and at the inner corner of the eye. Small eyes with uncreased lids call for an arc of medium-toned color on the lids, blended with a sweep of a brush. Use a dark shadow on the outermost Eye make up ideas of the lid and to line the upper lashes to make close-set eyes appear farther apart.

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A striking lavender or deep purple shadow can really highlight the eyes. A dark shadow applied to the creases and outer corners of the eyes will make them seem rounder and more open. A sweep of feminine pink shadow over the lids gives Eye make up ideas fresh, healthy color.

40 Hottest Smokey Eye Makeup...

The perpetually popular smoky eye starts with eyeliner, applied in heavy strokes, then blended. This full-on evening palette calls for shadow in a rich, subtle pewter color, brushed on the lids, then used as a liner as well. Share the gallery Pinterest Facebook.

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